Watch out, Incidence Stress Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

Watch out, Incidence Stress Can Trigger Allergic Reactions - Stress is known to have an impact on the body. But if the stress experienced severe inclined then this condition can lead to allergic reactions of the body. Almost the majority of people know that stress can affect the immune system, but it was emotional and mental stress can really affect bernar physical reactions including allergies. Several studies have tried to find out why stress can trigger allergic reactions, mast cells results were expected as the perpetrator of the condition arising.
Watch out, Incidence Stress Can Trigger Allergic Reactions
When allergy, mast cells also influence the antibody immunoglobulin E to join and trigger the release of defensive substances such as antihistamines to stimuli of allergens (allergy triggers) such as food and pollen proteins. Known as one of stress, an immunoglobulin causes mast cells release histamine and other substances that can create allergies. Stress can increase the severity of existing allergies. Not only larger skin reactions but triggers other reactions are more severe that it is difficult to treat. Allergic reactions are most often experienced itching of the skin which can sometimes make people become frustrated in knowing the cause. Itching may be a response from the stress itself.

But can trigger allergic reactions and aggravate existing stress can also aggravate asthma as contributing to increased asthma attacks. Therefore if the itching that appear on the skin was also known to cause allergic reactions or worse, this is likely to be caused by stress experienced. One way to prevent this is to find out how to manage stress well.

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