The characteristics of Reduced Hearing

The characteristics of Reduced Hearing - Hearing tends to deteriorate with age. Hearing problems usually occur in both ears. Even changes in hearing can be started from early adulthood onwards. Here are the characteristics of decreased hearing. Teenagers are able to hear very high pitched voice, but the ability began to disappear when entering the age of 30 years. And without the sense of well-functioning, causing every activity in daily life becomes more difficult.
The characteristics of Reduced Hearing
Whatever the cause of the decline in sensory sensory function, but there are quite a lot of ways you can do to prevent the decline in sensory function. There are now digital hearing aids are modern. Hearing aids are very effective and very discrete. Age-related hearing loss is called presbyacusis and usually due to degeneration of the auditory nerve and organs of the inner ear. This is a gradual loss of hair-like small cells in the inner ear that acts as a sensor to detect sound waves. It can also be exacerbated by damage to blood vessels, especially when someone has a condition such as atherosclerosis or high blood pressure. Occasionally the sound waves can not be done easily through the auditory system. This is likely due to damage to the small bones in the middle ear.

Characteristics of hearing loss due to aging, among others:
  1. Often felt first when they hear speech sounds, especially the higher-pitched consonants which can no longer be detected or distorted. The distortion sound can cause a murmur and slurred, especially the sound of women and children, who have a higher voice.
  2. Often also a person with impaired hearing to respond to loud noises annoying or uncomfortable.
  3. Increasingly difficult to hear if there is more than one speaker, or in a noisy environment.
Some people suffer more because of genetic presbyacusis, but a history of exposure to loud noise during life also causes a lot of damage. In addition to genetic factors, other factors that could cause presbyacusis, among others:
  1. Chronic middle ear infections
  2. Use of certain drugs in the long term
  3. Osteoporosis
Presbyacusis would worsen and decrease in hearing is likely to quit around the age of 70 years. Things that can be done to address the decline in auditory function associated with age, among others:
  1. See a doctor immediately if any change or decrease in visual function.
  2. Finding out about services support other devices such as hearing and telephone amplifiers.
  3. Ask your doctor to check the condition of post-use wax ear (ear candles), which may exacerbate the problem.
  4. Always protect and keep the ear, avoiding loud noises and using headphones with caution.

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