Stop Smoking with Stimulate Brain Addiction

Stop Smoking with Stimulate Brain Addiction
Stop Smoking with Stimulate Brain Addiction - To overcome the addiction to cigarettes, stimulate certain parts of the brain can manipulate the desire to smoke. This finding is believed to be a new treatment method to help people drive out the habit. Using brain scan technology, identify the brain regions that become activated when addicted to cigarettes, which the cerebral cortex and the limbic system that play a role in the regulation of emotion. Researchers then use magnetic stimulation to areas of the brain to manipulate the desire to smoke.

Stimulate the frontal brain regions using magnetic fields and show that it is a signal to arouse the desire to smoke when he saw things associated with smoking. By gaining a better understanding of how the brain affects the response of a desire, a strategy to block this response can be made and treatment to stop smoking are more effective can be developed.

Brain stimulation at low frequencies will not reduce the addicted smokers, but the high-frequency stimulation has a greater effect when smokers see the sign for no smoking. High-frequency deep brain stimulation is also able to reduce the desire to stop smoking and cigarette addiction. Implications for the control of a series of desires. Additional will be needed to determine the potential value of repetition in order to be applied as a treatment to overcome the smoking habit.

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