Maintain Lean Body and Equipment Traveling During

From June to identify the month of July holiday is usually with. For in these months, an increase of children entering orbit. Not something that a holiday use at the time as location. However, one thing important to look to have gained weight while on vacation.

In many cases, the new places for his town, or a holiday, and often forget about ourselves and try cooking and cuisine in the city. But without knowing it, and we return from vacation was a lot of calories and not to lose weight. In order to prevent in order to increase the body while on vacation is not proposed.

1. Your offer for breakfast
And while most of us in strange new places, and often experience a feeling of anxiety is difficult to get food. "Should it be somewhere you're selling a lot of vacation," and think that it is probably for you. But remember, usually eat in fast food or sold salty resort. Or, because we act, not that this area, know, and we are afraid of the risk on an empty stomach, every time there was a safe place to eat, forced, and it seemed like enough to eat fast food Restaurants. For this reason, eat, and so you try to always in a bag, healthy snacks every time you hold a restaurant, go. Blood, or even if it is needed, with the decline of sugar in a boiled egg and fruit, such as breakfast.

2. Bring food to eat on the plane
In very rare cases, the airlines offer delicious food and free on board. When available, usually the food you do not want to enjoy it. If there is a desired menu, and usually is the sky high prices. Therefore, to make a healthy breakfast, while you try to get to try so much.

3. Message packets fast-food restaurant
Most fast food places offer more in fact than the normal requirements of the average potential. So if you go with someone, the list of books that attempt can be divided into two. If you still feel hungry, it can still be a spare diet. But wait until you feel hunger, and hunger of the eyes and mind than our body needs time to signals we send already hungry. Chew slowly and enjoy the fact that you are on vacation, and listen to your body signals.

4. Not sauce, oil or other clothing are lulled into
By emotion, we often unintentionally Add sauce in large quantities in our diet. Instead of food falling into the sauce, it is best to use a fork. Gait and weakness of a fork into the sauce, and then to stay the course with your diet, and then enjoy it. In this way, without a delicious gravy sauce is reducing calorie intake. Remember to try as much as possible, not to avoid fried foods.

5. We must remember that the pleasure-seeking get away
Vacation does not mean avoiding food for themselves and as chocolate, pamper you with, ice cream, good food, but not good opportunity for the body size. Of course, you can indulge in some cases. But does not this can be exaggerated.

6. Find a physical activity during the holiday fun
A tourist bus to try instead of instinct and entertainment destination in the city, follow in search of places, why not? Find items that you want to visit to plan it, or at least one way in which the public transport network on the website with more work needs to access how to reach to the foot. Place so that you can climb hills as a place, a rented bike or paddle, that in the case of the hill, can be rented or want to try to go cycling climbing, if any, of the facilities.

Or are so called because a vacation, avoiding the usual means, you stay close, where you can go to a club, even though the guy was not like going to the club.

7. Bring clothes fit the body
Mirror, or see a reflection of their own clothes to wear that leave already very fit to proceed and put the brakes on itself and remind you that your primary goal is for the people remember healthy and fit to create shall

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Well here is the problem. They really dont let you bring food on the plane, unless you bought it at the airport after you checked in. At least here they dont.

But all your other advices are helpful :-)

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