The following tips Preferred Style Female Male Performance

That every woman is beautiful in the eyes of the people's willed. By the statue in the heart most every woman is expected to accept. He said that most men and women who love makeup and natural resource use patterns. The following tips Preferred Style Female Male Performance :

1 Very thin
Men always appreciate how women cannot use makeup. Most men simply just want to see your beautiful face. The same, make time, smoke and bright red lips to be able to see its natural beauty are to the eyes. How very thin skin after you makes sure to stay awake to look, feel, and has grown to one side of his face show. After you ensure that your skin is clean, the primary (original) to apply paint and protect your skin is good. For summer, in case you want to use oil-free foundation, for example, black spots in points just look naturally beautiful on your skin.
2 Naturally wavy hair
Women surfers curly hair look natural and not too busy setting, but still looks interesting. Hairstyles and a bit "wild, but still pretty smooth and I felt like software, it also cannot afford people to stroke fragrant. If you naturally wavy hair, female surfers in the expression. Just make sure not to pull hair out. Her straight hair and can also do this with shampoo at night, and then, semi-dry, use hair gel to create a state from root to tip curly hair looks better. And then start a hair, but not too tight. Then in the morning is open. Or can grow hair, are then applied, and then open in the morning.
3 pronounced cheek
Clear cheeks that look like every one young and enthusiastic. To see this natural cheek survey, using a cream instead of liquid or powdered cheeks shakers as they try to dry skin. It was the best color to paint cheeks like you when I was weak after training. Another way that you can gently pinch your cheeks, and then choose the color, the color is like the shadow on the cheek.
4 Lips "naked"
Lip color "soft and comfortable naked" Kiss affected. No wonder he likes her partner's mouth, without seeing many layers of lipstick, and glitter. The first step towards natural lip color is attractive, keep lips are in good health. His lips brushing at least once a week for dead skin cells start to remove the tongue regularly. At night, you can gently lift dead skin cells toothbrush brush, then sealed with lip balm before bed to moisturize. Then get more beautiful lips, providing layers of lip shine in the middle of the day. However, if skin color is very close to the color of lips, and that an old practice to wear lipstick lip color, then sealed with a thin layer.
But some people say, to take men like a woman that is taking what they wear. What is your opinion?

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