Women's 'Hairy' Tend not Fertile

Women's 'Hairy' Tend not Fertile - Body feathers or rather fine hair on the skin surface often associated with female sex drive is higher. But on the other hand tend to be fertile, because it indicates the condition of the male hormone more dominant.

Excess body hair, especially in the abdominal area and the chin is a bad sign if it is associated with a woman's chance to have offspring. In addition, women with this condition are also more vulnerable to various health risks that are usually more experienced by men. Growth of fine hairs on the passage shows that excess production of androgen hormones. Normally, this hormone is more dominant in males than in females. In males, especially in puberty, androgens serve growing secondary sex characteristics such as growth of Adam's apple, mustache and beard, pubic hair and the fine hairs in other body parts. This hormone is also present in women but less dominant than testosterone.

Proving that the growth of hair on the chin and abdomen of women is a symptom of excess androgen.Meyakini that this approach is 80 percent accurate and easier examination because it can be observed with the naked eye, women with symptoms of androgen excess will also face the same health risks as men. For example, be more vulnerable to obesity, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease and are most concerned about is more difficult to have offspring.

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