Here are 10 perfect breakfast after sport

Here are 10 perfect breakfast after sport- You know, and give through strength training, and their glycogen stores of energy during exercise? The maximize muscle glycogen recovery needs to be filled again, and for muscle growth and repair. Therefore, you need carbohydrates and protein. Remember that much protein, because to get rid of dehydration because the kidneys require more water in addition to protein nitrogen content can. Protein at the same time, and now, digestible carbohydrates. Muscle recovery and now has become.

Here are 10 perfect breakfast after sport:
  1. Low-fat milk. Not only rich in protein and carbohydrates, and rich milk for the water to help replace fluids lost through sweating to.
  2. Yogurt.
  3. Sliced chicken without skin plus vegetables and bread with mustard.
  4. Tuna salad with mayonnaise are not fat.
  5. Shake banana mixed with orange juice and yogurt vanilla.
  6. Non-fat cheese.
  7. Soy milk.
  8. Knacker is low in fat.
  9. Red beans and vegetables stock.
  10. Dried fruit.

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