6 Bad Habits that Make You Sleep Hard

6 Bad Habits that Make You Sleep Hard - In reality, torture having difficulty sleeping. In some people and cause insomnia, can even depression. Actor Heath Ledger is no surprise to take for him to sleep medication, and eventually put me from sleeping.

To a lesser extent, because we find it often difficult to sleep. Problem, and it is often difficult to sleep because of their field. There are some bad habits that affect the brain and the body wants to get comfortable we are. Would you?

Read books
Read a book before bed are different effects for some people. It is not to sleep much easier, and some are not only reading and writing, because waiting for the next page to read. The problem is, our body to the appropriate routine. Some chapters do not read if you can not sleep. If you tend to sleep on her side, select the pillow is a little crowded so you are propped up with a good neck.

From computer screen to shine light can stimulate the brain. In many cases, even when you turn on your computer, you should still work that cannot stop thinking about it. The internet during sleep hours should not play again, and immediately turn on your computer. Electronic goods companies without resting a moment to let your body.

Uncomfortable bed
Mattress too hard, rough, or pillow, can disturb your sleep. If you have a flat pillow, or too hard, just easier to buy bags. Buy two at once if you want a warm bed. Choose a soft pillow when you sleep on your stomach or back-up method. Pillows you sleep on your side you choose is supported somewhat by a busy with neck protection until you are good.

Alarm clock that lights
Sometimes the type of alarm flashlight is equipped with a digital number. These lights distracting when you try to sleep alone in a dark room conditions. Cover the numbers with a book or a piece of cloth to hide. You can talk on the phone, and if the indicator lights flashing LED signs.

No Sleep
to be gained if you cannot sleep, and in bed and agencies with a point. It recommends an hour that you can not sleep, and the National Sleep Foundation implementation of the activity boring. For example, not like a book that you have read and boring TV shows and others. Lower marginal activities that require your understanding intellectual abilities. Try it, it fell suddenly I was able to sleep.

Until Game Night
In the early game, even if you sleep a little, and your body throughout the day is fresh. And the same thing when you train at night. Intense physical activity raises the body temperature, and increase your energy levels. All these things will interfere with your sleep for the transfer.

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