Allergies Boost Immunity Against Cancer

Allergies Boost Immunity Against Cancer - Patients who felt bothered by allergies often suffer from itching or pain. But recent study shows, has the best defense for vulnerable and people who are not allergic to keep the risk of cancer .  According to experts to help and sensitivity, stimulate the immune system and helps prevent cancer , malignant condition. Published in the Daily Mail, people who suffer from asthma and risk of ovarian cancer 30 percent less than people who do not suffer from asthma. Children who were allergic to the dust in the air and 40 percent less than other children at risk of leukemia.

There is still a need for further research in sensitivity analysis and thus a significant protection. It is questionable medical research in the field long and a connection between cancer and allergies, but with mixed results. Cornell Children who suffer from allergies in the United States at the University Physicians embrace was little air, skin, lung and colored's cancer risk as well.

Other studies of cancer of the lymph nodes have shown a correlation between reduced risk of gastric cancer with non-Hodgkin. Researchers at Harvard University showed brain cancer and asthma and eczema, is an association between allergies, hay and dust. A Canadian study, one for allergies or hay fever performed and pancreatic cancer risk to 58 percent. The sensitivity is normal activation of the immune system. Research shows that a connection between cancer and allergies.

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