Accelerate Aging sodas

Accelerate Aging sodas - Many people do not leave soda per day can. drink in the cold, so fresh taste. Addicts, however, be careful, because if you start drinking, said the researchers, the phosphate that can accelerate aging process of these drink, offers a sharp taste.

Send the meat and sausages, cakes and bread for the mineral can damage your dry skin and muscles and the heart and kidneys. Studies Journal of Experimental Biology (Paul son) is the American Society of Association was published, and it shows that the aging process affects the balance of phosphorus.
First, three groups of mice, the researchers investigated the effect of the high phosphate content. can groups who consume foods with high phosphate content of 8-15 weeks. The group, which eat at least 20 weeks old for phosphate.

A healthy food to the needy, is to maintain food balance in the solution of phosphate needed for a healthy life and longevity. So, enjoy healthy life to avoid phosphate poisoning.

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