Pretty Shown in a flash

Pretty Shown in a flash - And every woman wants more beautiful and attractive. With an attractive appearance, increase confidence and feel more active infection. Without make-up came into office with a wrinkled face, looks pale and unconscious.

Did not appear attractive, too much make-up. Self - Flash Beauty wasted no time. Follow these tips!

First Toothbrush

To brush your teeth before groped create look beautiful and fresh. The proposed makeup artist Kimara Ahner see your lips better when you brush your teeth and brushing his lips. And the dead cells are found may increase in the lips. Lips and red lips look soft, with the right stick. Sure, but with a soft brush so as not to damage the security of your lips.

According to Face Security

With the appropriate color for the skin used as a basis. Often, we protect the institution, a foundation that has a sun protection factor (SPF), to wear skin from the sun. The powder is just as fresh and polished look to wear.

Third Eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are the frame and your face. The formation of eyebrows Dalton, decorative cosmetics, according to Doris Dalton, and crafts and face more clearly.

Fourth Cantik eye

To see the cover it fresh, and the application of eye cream, bags under the eyes. Then use the eye liner eye for emphasis on the line. Continue with the mascara. Sprinkle a little 'eye shadow color is normal. And his eyes alive.

Fifth Lipp Says

To use Apply a little lip gloss and lipstick, the color of their shirts match. If you are alone even faster, and application of moisturizing lipstick. For the latest flu cocoons and lips glistening.

Sixth cheeks Decorative

Do not forget the red cheeks of Malta. Use your look fresh and bright cheeks blush.

If you get dressed, take a deep breath and feel the oxygen flowing in your body and mind. Addressing the day with positive thoughts and smile. It looks beautiful inside and out.

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