It's OK To Be Human

It's OK To Be Human - I knew things when I use a very old distinction between good and bad, which is fine for a man is not one.

I grew up in a generation to go to church on Sunday. Above all, businesses were closed on Sunday and at least one day a week. Sunday is the day that we are all sinners in one place, you may well feel, at least a day and a half. Above all, I thought it was the day that has just parents, my mother can see a couple of hours of rest to get rid of us. We live in rural areas, and many times we went to this area. We went to church every Sunday, whether neighbors or if the Church is made by a bus available. Many of my Christian formation, is the theology that the Church change includes transportation Sunday.

I am confident that this year has been one of the most important risks, so no good human being. Why make a selection, and no matter what we do, we must, we can not fix or victory are all supported by the powerful, is not tolerated. In a constant state of repentance, there are. Try to talk to people, not human, awaiting the day when God leads us, and we have a certain value. Your child the spirit of the most desirable aspects of human life, it is not. I must admit that the Church better than me I need to go to escape evil and I could not see one.

In my head, I'm older, I see no reason why God is something that God himself apart as the ideal man is not out of pride and satisfaction. God, not abuse, and I thought that was wrong with him that we need him to feel better? An all what I said, I must admit that was wrong with his left hand with the awareness that it is pure nonsense.

I returned late teens never leave the church. I thought this day as a surprise that some very intelligent people still believe, was because of fear. I really understand what it means for these people fear God, do not go into intelligence. Do you believe in something so strong, so strong that many people have a system that we have done with your finger, and of course we want to believe more in life, which we reported in our material was ready. Why let the security before birth can go back for seconds, when we came to this physical place? I do not think we're humble and powerless here. Since we, as people do not live naturally. We, as children at home, at the feet of our parents are no less excited.

We are dependent on their parents, by nature, and strive for better. Parents teach their children better and to guide the values they seek to be independent and I saw that they want their child to be better.

A few years later and listening to the life of religious dogma, I still do not believe that man is an evil that we lost and evil. In our hours of darkness, as I believe that we are ourselves. I think the good jobs and bad for us for centuries, and that we see is the land, wealth, joy and goodwill to all mankind the promise of peace in this term.

Humanity is growing and we are ready, right, right and proper that we, as we are today. Adults change and we change our minds, and we understand, are in other areas, how it works for us. Even the good and evil disappears, right and wrong for the whole idea has come from our heads. These terms have been deprived of power and no longer works.

What works and new concepts do not work for us to change these words. If we know only in our lives that are not nothing, "which" is evil, or who was wrong, "the new concept of negative, destructive emotions of God vengeful black. Even if we accept that there is something that only works for us, we must consider is that there will always be rewarded for leaving. In other words, we have everything that the approval is good or bad, without thinking or in our lives, take full responsibility. The spirit of submission and obedience to God, you lose . It makes sense to believe in a God who showed us the freedom of all the energy in a safe environment for our life that we as human beings and the freedom to choose in a building that are banned outright, and are subject to express his consent. God became man and became a vice contrary, because God is all there. No less or more than they already have, we can.

How did a man to do what is natural for humans. Punishments and rewards for the quest for a controlled expression of human nature and that the company puts the concept of using a person in the rules excluded. Also, if you at least for purposes of the church can be heard, this participation is to support the church and supported to obtain funds. Then, there are enrolled in the best interests of each company, and is the best way for the Church as a bastion of spiritual things to be seen for several centuries, may hold power over your fears, to say that it works.

For God or for others, we never forgive the people. We do not need forgiveness from God, theft, murder and robbery to ask, and we need to reward or praise for the life of progressive is better. We noticed some things that our operations and series development for us, knowing that a great space to work on personal responsibility for what to do.

We are in the best interest of their work on the subject of understanding is enough to know that they are progressive and tolerant, make them known to us the things that only the affirmation of life, and we accept the next higher level and brings with him. All aspects of human experience of life and physical movement. What to do and now we have always done. It does not allow a single person or to feel inferior because their actions are less people. In an enlightened society, he works for all interests and well-trained guides love, joy, wealth, through the concept of man, and acceptance and so far from fear. Fear and unconditional love, the end is the end of the stick.

For thousands of years, mankind on earth, is a concept that fails to find, is not afraid to work "and" enlightenment go. When a person is only a step in the development process. Because we have freedom of choice to create our physical reality, we are not doing the things you decide to work for us, so also in the fact that such a peace, joy and abundance that we all experience 're doing?

I can not believe he was working in his interest in the excuse that "I am a human being, no reason to use before. People can be what you decide, because endless dark side, if we can do with the light most people, physical love, compassion and joy can be.

In fact, if we believe that man is good and we are not really worth all bow of God or excuse, if we realize that we are truly God in human form through our bodies start to experience real life. If we understand that God is a way of life that we have a person, but I feel that the punishment or reward. God is the life we live, we experience the existence of God himself of all opportunities. No need to apologize to God expressed in human form.

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