Eliminate Bacteria in a Natural

There are a number of natural ingredients can be used to remove bacteria. Anything ?

1. Acidophiles
It is good that these bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive system are efficient and keeps the intestinal flora.  Acidophiles,  vitamins and biotin.

2. Aloe Vera
The useful plants helps heal small in jail.

3. Garlic

This is known as a natural anti-bacterial plant. And prevent, such as nails, you can treat mild infections of the skin infections, and feet.

4. Operate
Shifts the meaning of the word Greek word "comes from one place to maintain." Pushes the bee harmless natural antibiotic treatment of infections, the product is to be used. Some people can have allergic reactions to pushes.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oils

The essential oil as a medicine to treat acne as a topical antibacterial material is very popular. And for the treatment of infections of the foot.

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