Why There's No Man's Sex Death?

Why There's No Man's Sex Death? - The old man is still interested in sexual life, which is more the age of women. Why do men have sex, despite the death of aging?

Because the elderly tend to be sexually active, satisfying sex life and sexual pleasure in women compared to their peers. Nearly 39 percent of men aged 75-85 years by sex, while about 17 percent are women.

Stay healthy sex life in the golden years, the key to conservation. Sex is a very important issue, and this may affect the quality of life. The researchers found the age of 55 years, more than 15 years for sex, while women at 10.6 years. A length of life as a healthy sexual activity can increase male and female 5 years has increased only 7 years.

The 99 years of age, sex is a relationship. Older generation should be re-educated in something old sex dirty, but something that must be kept on laughing.

Why do people never die, sexual desire?

With age, organ function will be weak. The muscles relax, the wrinkles and the skin starts the bones brittle.

But it was the production of testosterone in old age. Unlike female menopause is often hindered. His whole life has produced 170-180 kg, while old ones disappear sperm count.

Why are the things that the mainstream media women are less sexually active than men, not of a husband or wife or girlfriend is not healthy enough for the book of sex.

A 65-74 years old women, only 58 percent of male partners who received the survey, while 79 percent.

Some women who are sexually active, or is available only for your partner is not hard to find, for example.

Our company has found a way, there were calls for women, or that older women want sex, and sexual activity can be reduced.

Regular exercise is not to eat a healthy body the right foods can improve the quality of a smoking sex, although great progress.

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