Watch the Sodium in Your Food!

Sodium salt is a part of the body fluids plays an important role in maintaining the balance. Sodium is also needed for muscles and nerves function properly transmitting the entrepreneur. However, it should because they crossed the line sodium intake does not harm our bodies. The recommended adult dose of sodium per day or less than a teaspoon is 2400 mg. When the flow of blood and may increase to high-pressure sodium lamps, can the high blood pressure. Kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease will affect the frequency, and stroke. Sodium is in many potato chips in place, especially if we shakers, fried chicken is good to use, hamburgers, all kinds of snacks, chips, pasta and immediately. They also want to know that sodium is hidden in various foods that we drink every day. Nothing?

1. Frozen Food
For the presentation of frozen food is simply that you are busy. But beware, these foods are a lot of sodium.
2. Food
Cereals are rich in fiber and good for the body. However, some brands of cereals more than 266 mg of sodium per cup.
3. Preserves
Cans of fruit and vegetables are also these things. Canned corn can be, for example, 730 mg sodium.

4. Spices
Since the soy sauce, salt, garlic, spaghetti sauce or teriyaki sauce, such as certain flavorings sodium is 1,000 mg.

5. Sales
When street food stalls on meatballs, also used to provide salt is sodium. A variety of other foods with high salt content, because it cannot be understood to believe that the quantity of food.

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