Herpes Drugs Prevent HIV Deterioration

These drugs have been infected is usually an effective therapy in herpes acyclovir in patients with both diseases, the slow decline of HIV infection. In a study of 3300 patients shows in Africa, it has herpes drug slows disease exacerbation of 16 percent. A number of researchers at the University of Washington, especially in research for people with HIV-1 infection is often the types of experience. People living with HIV, in general, -1 with herpes simplex type 2 infection and genital herpes. Recent research has shown, so that levels of HIV-zoster is sad, but do not know how the disease might slow down. The current study of two doses daily or acyclovir 3300 respondents randomly assigned to placebo pills. And then their health monitored for two years. Study and HIV medicine acyclovir 284 respondents to be at the end of the CD, it has 4 levels have fallen dramatically, the 324 responses that received placebo pills in a condition worse than that, I mean. CD 4 cell count reflects the health of the immune system.

The experts emphasized that the treatment of HIV - antiviral (ARV) of patients infected with the disease in fact may decrease exacerbations. However, a further advantage, in particular the treatment of lichen, the success of antiretroviral therapy, perhaps. E 'further evidence that the suppression of herpes virus is effective in patients who are not entitled to the success of antiviral therapy. , Magazine Editor Gus Cairns HIV Treatment Update, said it should be proved biological causes herpes virus-resistant HIV are therefore used. Acyclovir stimulant cheap, nontoxic and can be easy to get around the world. Thus, HIV has been given the option of cheaper drugs.

Herpes Drugs Prevent HIV Deterioration

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