Acne, Nutrition What's Right medication?

Who does not upset with acne? Red facial skin. Face full of bumps that looked like a swollen scar. Not only in the face, acne is often too 'spread' to the neck, chest, and even back. Food cause of acne? This idea still needs to be tested. Even the emerging role of brown spots, up to now still in doubt. Instead of tired looking for the cause, better listening foods can reduce the pain of acne. Iron. Supplements can reduce the pain of acne. The doctors usually give 30 mg dose, 2-3 times per day for several months to treat acne. After that use only 1 time per day. Usually within 12 weeks have seen the results. Iron contains more than 300 types of enzymes. Thus effectively improving the wound, helping protein synthesis, helps generate return new cells, strengthen the immune system, protect us from free radical attack, and even effective to maintain fertility. This iron are scattered among other things on meat, eggs, and seafood. Vitamin A is a dose of 300 thousand IU per day for women and 400-500 thousand per day for men, is effective to cure acne. Unfortunately many doses can be toxic to our bodies. And its use could lead to termination of the acne returned. Therefore vitamin A rarely used treatment acne medication to cope. 

In food, vitamin A can be obtained from the liver, dairy products, fish oil. Backs can also be a 'nest' acne pantheistic acid. This is another substance which is often contained in acne cream. Giving 2.5 grams of pantheistic acid four times daily (total of 10 grams per day) provides optimal results. Acne cream usually contains 20% pantheistic acid by the use of six times (spread) per day. A suitable dose is certain to ask the dermatologist you go. Acid pantheistic acid often referred to as vitamin B5. Functions, particularly important in the manufacture, distribute, and release energy from fat. Cholesterol synthesis also depends on its existence. Vitamin B5 are scattered in the liver, yeast, salmon, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, grains, seeds, also meat. Niacin amide. This substance is usually contained in the anti-acne cream around 4% with the use of two times per day. Niacin amide is also present in vitamin B3 (niacin together / nicotine acid). In the food can be obtained from nuts, fish, and meat. Several types of vitamin D are also present in the grain. Vitamin B6. Its use as much as 50 mg per day can reduce premenstrual symptoms that appear in the form of acne. In food, vitamin B6 can be obtained from potatoes, bananas, raisins, liver, turkey, and tuna.

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