Apples and Beans Prevention of Prostate

Experts recommend that people consume a lot of fresh vegetables, because it reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 32 percent. In addition to tomatoes, apples and beans, because the property is quarantine prostate cancer prevention agents.Several studies have shown that the fibers of apple fruit, rich in flavored and petrochemicals. Reducing substances flavored, the National Cancer Institute of the United States, one study 50 percent of the risk of lung cancer disease.

Meanwhile, in 2001 the Mayo Clinic research has quarantine, which is a type of flavored that can be found in apples proven to help prevent the progression of prostate cancer cells. In another study, researchers found the consumption of tomatoes, broccoli mixed with the negative effects, like when you eat the vegetables in the prostate is a strong influence. Eating 1.4 cups of fresh tomatoes or ½ cup of tomato paste.

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