Hearing Health for 5 Person With Anorexia

Hearing Health for 5 Person With Anorexia - Woman's body and should be recommended. A slender body is nothing wrong with the request. But the emphasis should be on healthy eating. If you have suffered from eating disorders or other foods, you will experience health problems as well as others:

Weight loss can result in infertility or reproductive problems. While too much fat may be slow to reproductive hormones. But the good news, of fertility returns if the body is healthy again. Occur, Walter H., eating disorders program, California, San Diego University’ ‘when of the body, health director, Kaye MD no problems, ‘said reproductive hormones return to normal.

Diet does not work properly heart disease, the body becomes weak and drained. Body fluid, unstable and ultimately cause a heart attack will. However, this loss can be restored when our bodies return to a normal weight.

Weight are those that are often difficult to whiten their teeth. It is easy to date, and weaker teeth. The continued increase of gastric acid due to throat and mouth. As a result of high acidity in the mouth and tooth decay, hollow, and even a day.

Abdominal swelling or bulging
Eating disorders in the gastro-intestinal disease is possible, starting from disorder or stomach ulcers, so it is difficult to dismiss. It is also hard to swallow infected. Their faces are very boring. Production of The disease is also complex and wrong, and make-up can smell it. Was swollen face and swollen cheek.

Number of medicines which are prepared by measuring the weight of ordinary people, so that they indirectly in large quantities of drugs swallowed anorexic. Each slim attractive (to be experienced in a state) or one must distinguish between the diseases.

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