Watch the Kidney

Kidney because of the role of junk "as important as human blood and body parts that the filters are clean. Put all the waste that shit still is food that can survive infection with blood, are involved. In fact, it's always the blood that flows continuously through the body. It is also important to spread to other parts of the waste. Filter system "garbage" serve to control a useful addition to the kidneys balance of body fluids, hormones, blood pressure, hormones, erythropoietin, red blood cells to prevent the build "production anemia, vitamin D and to be activated to bone health than Producer will help.

Kidney disease can be prevented in order to lead a healthy life. In addition, we regularly check blood pressure and blood sugar level is at least three months. Therefore, damage to the kidneys can be found soon.

Early detection can prevent damage to the larger stage, renal failure) are (dialysis dialysis) or kidney transplantation, renal replacement therapy (necessary. Although the quality of patients with renal failure "of life, economic burden on the medical measures are not adequately reduced in patients.

To recognize the signs!
Kidney disease can in three symptoms, namely, to classify goat beard (Asimtomatis), without symptoms. For example, a quick look and legs, great back pain, pain, swelling, urine, with a high protein, only a little blood or urine, and urinary disorders. Old symptoms of weakness, not of energy, appetite, less nausea, vomiting, swelling, less urine, itching, shortness of breath, yellow, and anemia. When laboratory tests have high protein content, changes in the urine as red blood cells and Lekosit.

Submit a rule patients with symptoms. Although early treatment can be gradually reduced, even stopped the progression of disease, it would be nice if this intervention is avoided, that does not appear. Again, control of blood pressure and blood sugar control on a regular basis is an act, when the kidney function to protect, is important. If this exercise, especially for those who love good food, she is sick, and family history of kidney disease.

Kidney disease
It is usually preferred, because the lifestyle eat well, but lack of exercise. As a result of stored fat can cause diabetes (DM), hypertension and high cholesterol.

For example, the blood (in humans) is associated with diabetes, the Chinese response, the cells with high protein structure and function, glomerular basement membrane, including the references. As a result, loss of damage checkpoint protein albumin in the urine (albuminuria).

This is an adverse effect on the kidneys. If the kidney is interrupted, disturbed filter function of kidneys and endocrine issues. As a result, stabilized the expenditure of toxins through the urine. Toxic substances in the body will be buried there. Finally, the body swells and increases the risk of death.

Kidney disease for several reasons:
  1. Common diseases / diabetes, systemic hypertension or diabetes, also known as, cholesterol) (dyslipidemia in the blood, lupus and other immune disorders,), high uric acid (gout.
  2. Organs in the body, such as (for example, the pulmonary tuberculosis), such as infections, syphilis, malaria and hepatitis.
  3. Or high blood pressure during pregnancy causes pre-eclampsia.
  4. Effects of drugs.
  5. Suddenly lots of fluids, such as vomiting and loss of bleeding.
  6. Burns.
  7. The kidney glomerulus (filtration), renal cysts, renal cancer, the infection itself as a disease, kidney or contraction of growth.
  8. Derived / inherited.
  1. If the people of DM kidney, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol risk for the disease, the patient received a kidney, including a healthy life by the doctor. Check Consult a doctor regularly in the laboratory, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. This difficulty urinating, back pain be understood as a symptom of problems with the kidneys, and eyes were swollen.
  2. If you are a risk-free, healthy life, as hard as during urination, back pain as a symptom of kidney problems, understanding, and inflamed eyes. At least once a year, check your blood sugar.
  3. If you already have kidney problems, consult your doctor healthy life is through measures such as medication can reduce the decline of renal function is check regularly to the doctor.

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healthy society said...

thanks for sharing this useful information. kidney disease is not fun. we should always wash the blood regularly.

Kirhat said...

One of these days I really need to have my kidney examined. Don't think that I am having problems right now, but with all the junk I've been eating, I really need to have peace of mind.

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weight loss blog said...

My uncle had kidney disease! He had to have a kidney transplant! With that in mind, thank you for the information, it is very important that people know this information!

Evergreen Thoughts said...

Really useful post for kidney related disease.I also comes to know the function of kidney.
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JessQ said...

This post is a great contribution to KIDNEY AWARENESS...because many have already been suffering and have died from this illness which could have been easily remedied.

Surely, I have already helped quite a good number of kidney patients...those who'd care to listen...and trust alternative medicines.

Your effort here is a very valuable contribution indeed. Keep on writing, my friend.

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