The impotence Heart Disease Markers

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a strong warning sign that a person's heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems could be a threat. Health Day as described recently, a new study shows that heart disease is for the ED. Because the same conditions of blocked arteries. Consequently, the heart, the blood flow to the brain may be less, and gender.

1057 for men aged 40-70 years over 12 years of research have revealed that the high-risk group of people with ED had a heart attack is about 37 percent. Compared to 17 percent of men without erectile dysfunction. It is sufficient, although some people in the world is not a problem with ED, they still have a chance of heart disease 40 percent.

Thus, a person with heart disease, to detect the presence or absence of erection problems noted in possible.

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Kirhat said...

This is new. ED is an early warning for those who have heart condition. I'm sure many are not aware of this also. Can you sight the source of this study?

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