A Happy, Healthy Body Will Be

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We are delighted that not only face radiates the aura, but a healthy body. Australia 9981 study, people are healthy and happy with his life and rare diseases. American Journal of Health Promotion in a study published in 2004, for happiness and their health status with satisfaction in 2001 compared to the level of participants is expected. Measuring the level of happiness, a question answered: "As in the past week did you feel happy?" Or "When all things considered, how satisfied with life?"

Three years later, the level of health of respondents was measured in three ways. First, we asked how their health, he requested that the health problems. Finally, he said that 17 types of diseases, such as back pain or problems in the eye. Not less than 63 percent of respondents said that has always felt happy. Furthermore, 90 percent admitted satisfied with their lives. This group of healthy people. In other words, if you are currently satisfied and happy with life over the next three years are more likely to be healthy.Showed a different result against the nun in a study in the United States. Nun said to be happy and hope and love of his life and had a long life. 

Experts says, happiness and economic status, health should be included as a sign.

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