Two Water Advantages

White Water is not only satisfy the thirst of the body. The clear liquid that we drink every day has benefits for health and fitness. Here are some water to drink healthier. 

The prevention of urinary tract infection 

Urinary tract infections Store bladder (urethra), the machine urethra and bladder inflammation (cystitis), which connects between the bladder and kidneys are kidney channel. The company, known as a disease of the disease.
Patients can urine (Paul) may not be felt anyway. Infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses in general. The differences between men and women from parts of the body and the bladder, and suffer most women. How cystitis with antibiotics for the treatment of drinking water increased. Also, if there was a feeling of urine, and this delay is not to remove it immediately. Changed during the normal urine (urination) feel completely at risk of infection in the urinary tract. Although most patients of both sexes bladder female, and can age for all diseases, children and adults alike to be victims.

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Kirhat said...

This is what I was trying to make my wife understand. Fortunately, we were able to detect her UTI and made the necessary trips to the family doctor.

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