Health Benefits Play Video Games

Video games are often blamed as the cause of all things negative smells, ranging from violence to obesity. However, recent studies show the benefits of healthy instead of playing video games that might be an alternative to fill holiday time. Playing video games can increase the sharpness and speed of thought.

Rolf Nelson, a professor of psychology from Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts says that video games can sharpen thinking skills and speed of thought and improve the cognitive (intelligence) of the brain, especially for games that are action and puzzles.

The study, published in the Journal Perception that involves students and 20 people is done by giving the game a video game for an hour or more. Before and after playing video games, the participants were asked to perform an intelligence test to determine the effects of playing video games on brain function. And the result was an increase in brain function in certain parts.

"Playing games that require the attention and focus of visual fast and precise motor movement can increase the speed and akrasi in thinking," said Nelson, as reported by HealthDay.

Similar to research by Nelson, a study conducted by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester, New York also noted that video game players have good coordination skills, ranging from eye to hand. They are also known to have the ability to process something that is visually very quickly, mentally stronger and the ability to remember better.

But need further study before making a video game as part of the therapeutic activity of the brain, especially for children.

Although no benefit in developing some skills, but playing video games can replace physical activity and affect the mental development of children in particular. For that parents should play an active role in providing a schedule to play video games for children to be not excessive.

"So from now on do not need to forbid children to play video games. The best strategy is to balance between physical activity, exercise the brain and social interaction. Someone who can balance it all will develop into a great person," said Nelson

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Yes i also love to play video games. But excercise also play important role .Nice post.Wish you Happy New Year 2010

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