Lied, Brain Child Proof Intelligence

Lied, Brain Child Proof Intelligence - One little dizzy because of his lies? Do not worry! Therefore lay in children aged youth is a sign of intelligence.

If you're a bit you are your child, just pick up the rest. You can see the future of the bank. Fast is thinkers like your child to the age of two years mastering the art of lying, in fact, very fast and the development of the brain, successful adults later in life are.

In fact, a credible story, your child is intelligent and ready to face the challenges of life. According to research by New York Daily News.

In connection with lies and the brain to process information that requires higher order thinking makes the brain with the fields. It is common that between two and about 20 percent of children aged 3 years and is about 50 percent of children between the age group and four years, roughly 90 percent of children are between the ages. Also begin to lie, the child is 12 years old and often a lie, when almost every child, he lied, and at the age of 16 in the fall. So, who is 16 years, only 70 percent of children are between the ages.

Researchers Dr. Kang Lee, Institute for Child Study at the University of Toronto, should by Director of father and mother, do not worry if your child is lying.

He said: "Children who have better cognitive growth, a lie to cover their tracks, and banks may be in the future.

In their study, Lee and his team in 1200 tested children between 2-16 years old. The researchers asked the children sit in a room with hidden surveillance cameras.

Playing soft and behind them, and the researcher left the room to ask for them if they do not watch the game. Sources disputed that as a result, nine (10) and the camera a look of a child caught playing, but when she asked him.

On the other hand, the children are older, they were not to seek the light of the examination paper, cardboard and behind the answers. And if I answer " question looked" wrong "for the detection of Tunisia?" The answer is that they understand the lessons of history in it.

Many parents may be surprised that he is a liar, if you will be a little grown is fraudulent. Experts say there is no evidence to show that those concerns are valid. In fact, a bit of education is to be captured for a moment.

"She did not cry or beat, but you should discuss the importance of honesty, and a negative value to lie," and he told me.

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