Smokers Have Lower IQ

Smokers Have Lower IQ - No harmful effects of cigarettes has no effect on quality of care, but also intelligence. Recent studies show that smokers in Israel, and intelligence is less than the smokers. Intelligence is increasingly reject a person smoking cigarettes.

A report journal Addiction, a study of men aged between 18-21 years that the latest version or seven Non smoking and 94 smokers (101) less than average IQ Incorporated IQ scores in the health of the male population from 84 to 116 years . Pack a day as those who smoke enough, his opinion is not far from the 90th

Researchers in the study of more than 20,000 healthy men in the period before, during and after the project, collect data on the following. One or more cigarettes per day with about 28 percent of the participants, and the other three percent, the former cigarette addict, while the remaining 68 per cent claimed never smokers.

Health in general, we believe that will live in a difficult environment for smokers or a good education in school. However, since these studies involved patients with a variety of social classes, and we as a key factor in the social and economic situation over.

The researchers also measured the effect of smoking on the twin pairs. In cases where one partner smokes, a couple who have never smoked on average scored the highest IQ people with a low average IQ level of decision-making skills and even worse when they suffer from health problems. Even people with low IQ not only vulnerable to addiction. These people are also prone to obesity, nutrition and drug problems.

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