Nose to attenuate body count!

Nose to attenuate body count! - A recent study for us depends on the amount you want to reduce body weight does not tell. We also found the nose plays an important role in moving his hand in his mouth to eat Enter.

Who's familiar with the smell of the dish can call us immediately to the food they eat were not spit on? It is the desire to eat, in the brain occurs because of the smell of food and stimulate our appetite.

New realities, and not only to taste the food that is activated by, but also feeling of satiety. It means to us, we are struggling to lose weight, you know that stinks that we now need to complete for.

In fact, the smell of cycling and desire to eat when we were there chewing food. Smell of food in your mouth through a hole in the nose by being issued. Rianne Ruijschop nose to smell that it encourages a sense of hunger from NIZO food research, place in the Netherlands, which is discussed with his team. Based on research done, and there are few smells that can make us feel full.

Difficult to chew food rather than liquid to fill the taste of food. We just smell the fat, carbohydrate, protein, or testing, and that the smell of carbohydrates and protein is more important to give the feeling of satiety. Ruijschop that it has entered the high-energy foods. The smell of the complex, which consists of several components, the brain's response and to enjoy more food. A fragrance based on these facts and observations show that much solid food to help build brain activation key by filling Ruijschop conduct in-depth. A strong smell and taste of food than as complex as a source of food and energy as perceived by the brain gives the same effect as.

That is why Ruijschop and his team believe that this research contributes to the worldwide treatment of obesity could. According to estimates, you expect obesity rates would drop at least 10 percent are processed if. But like any other programs, weight loss, we fill them out can not be controlled by odors. Still more optimal quality of life and their life patterns have changed.

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