Can Ketchup Make stretchy Belly

Can Ketchup Make stretchy Belly - Some foods that are familiar with our daily life turned out to be the reason why our stomach gets his stretch. Belly bulge often only temporary, sense of bloating after eating these foods is due. Even worse is the lead content in these foods to health problems if it can be consumed in excessive quantities.
There were foods that cause our stomachs distended three types are:

Corn-based snacks are actually quite healthy, as is rich in fiber and low in calories. That makes no sense if you or butter salt, purchased from the cinema to ask for extras such as saturated fats. High salt content can cause fluid retention popcorn flatulence. In the long run, a mixture of salt and cholesterol, which can later heart disease such as heart attack or stroke (an increase in the risk of lead) can fat.

Soy sauce
For your information, one tablespoon soy sauce with an average of 1,000 mg of sodium. This means that the salinity is quite high in soy sauce. Well, like popcorn, high salinity, water retention that can lead to arrogance cause. Still can, researchers say that if you change the taste of soy sauce, salt dish, you can total up to 50 percent of the sodium content reduced. Researchers, soy sauce flavor and aroma that creates the sensation of salinity on the theory more complicated. So you still have a meal without too much extra salt can.

Dried fruit
Dried fruits are rich in fiber is often added to a pulp, but also very high sugar content. Calories and more sugar than fresh fruit. The Cranberries, blueberries, or because of a sour taste in fruits such as strawberries, sugar, then the sour taste of defeat. Other reasons why dried fruits contain high calorie fruit in the dehydration process removes water content is due to the many. Water content was greater than fresh fruit because the fruit dried. So, if the fruit is dry, you need more pieces to cover essential role.

For example, a grape and raisin 7 calories. But contains only 60 calories per cup of wine, one cup raisins, 400 calories, while? Because the company is not the raisins sugars, but because without water, with a cup of raisins are dry and leave so much space. Contained in more than one cup of raisins, one cup of raisins, more than one cup of sugar and alcohol provide calories. In short, but if you eat too much and always think about what makes those foods are not healthy, you definitely avoid health hazards that follow.

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