Salted foods Increase Stomach Cancer Risk

Salted foods Increase Stomach Cancer Risk - 10 percent of the diet high in salt can increase the risk of colon cancer. South Korea had more than 2 million people in this study concluded in a study by the experts.

Stomach cancer or cancer of the stomach type of cancer that afflicts many people in the world. Many studies foods and snacks between the incidence of stomach cancer has been linked. Although cancer is clear that the rules of the incident, experts also recommend the consumption of salty foods in the prevention of cancer is not restricted.

In his research, a study the National Cancer Center Research Institute, Sun Jong Kim and his team more than 2 million South Korean 30-80 year age group the impact of salt on the occurrence of stomach cancer. All respondents provide information on diet and lifestyle is. He also checked between 1996 and 1997.

According to the Korea Central Cancer Registry data for more than 7 years .9620 and 2773 men women suffering from stomach cancer. According to Kim and his team, and people who prefer salty food consumption is higher by 10% risk of colon cancer.

Response to the findings of this study, Dr., Chicago, United States, which was not involved in the research with stomach cancer specialist Benson B. The results of these studies, salty foods and stomach cancer did not show any relationship between the two.

He said that the salt consumed is more important than how. In a study in Japan showed that the sodium and salt and is related to heart disease and cancer are not. At the same time, fish, salt and food of such a process, and this is associated with cancer.

"What we should know that the salt used in foods such as pickles, or more dangerous than pickles health problems," said Benson.

However, he said, and restricting salt is more advantageous to prevent a rise in blood pressure.

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