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Health and Human - In the U.S., there is the growing obesity epidemic. In the United States, there's also a disturbing increase in diabeng? "There 'is something we can improve physical fitness?" My understanding is that healttes. These people are worrying about how healthy Americans are questionih is a lifestyle that is the basis for a decision. Jogging or walking for a meal, have a decision for everybody.

According to U.S. Health and Human Services, National and state public health measures to reduce their goals to the Department. Almost 65% of the population and 119 million Americans overweight or obese. Direct and indirect costs, 119 billion US The problem of obesity has more dollars annually. Help prove that the data we as a nation, and one B real help others. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services to talk to the school nutrition programs and physical activity is trying to get more attention. There are also still the problem of obesity in the United States has people.

Another case of concern in the United States have diabetes increased rapidly. Diabetes and insulin action of glucose defective insulin production, or both as a result blood is a group of diseases characterized by a high level. Disease control and diabetes in young people between the age of twenty years for the center by about 1 of every 400-600 children has 176.500 cases. For adults between 20 and 60 years, diabetes, or 9.6% of all the people of this age group were 20.6 million cases. During the year 2005 and 15 million new cases of diabetes in the United States at the age of 20 found. Diabetic United States, who died in the killing of nearly 224.092 U.S. each year is the sixth leading cause. There are various complications that can contribute to diabetes.

Diabetes in the United States will take notice. With that many Americans are concerned, not very surprising that diabetes is more about awareness. Every person in America is someone who has dealt with diabetes or who have started receiving treatment for this disease knows. Although the U.S. Health and Human Services Department spread the message that other measures, such good hands trying.

United States President, Ministry of Health and Human Services, with support from today 'announced to start a small step. "The purpose of this program for significant results in its 3 on health is to make small decisions in support of the U.S., and instead of radical changes in lifestyle. To help them better food choices begin with, spare parts and fruits and good vegetables through the use of health facilities. The program focuses on the use of physical activity at least five per week for thirty minutes time, for example, walking, running or gym is going to. Last step is to learn, because information that can be easily accessed these days, forever changes improve health.

Military, and medical care, and always speak the information for the life of barracks. Once they show up as much as military health problems do not seem to be. Was most common to hear people ask, "How are you?" But you do not hear an honest answer. People think that people hear when they want, says the most.

"Basis of all happiness is health Leigh Hunt"

In short, the underestimation of their health and if he happens to people surprised. Then the doctor tried to blame, but think outside the lines of health. Choose one to make health one of their health is set for a healthy lifestyle options is likely.

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