Leukemia drug Still Very Expensive

Thanks to medical advances, cancer patients now treat many types of cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional drugs, which plays on certain components of growth and cell division of cancerous cells play a role in this process. One particular type of disease can with medication, should be dealt with components of these cancer cells or chronic leukemia myeloid old leukemia (CML). The main reason is a chromosomal abnormality, the CML-BCR to chromosome 9 and 22 active protein tyrosine kinase gene is not the normal ABL gene displacement between abnormal aggregation is due.

However, not all patients may be the drug. Philadelphia chromosome that treatment can be obtained with the drug for the patient. You know the type of chromosome has a patient in the laboratory to complete the test. The success of imatinib in CML treatment, created a year and three months after the examination by the judge concluded. If the answer for 3 months not hematologic dosage of medication will be added to achieve. However, when bone marrow examination after one years for a response to failure and compromise cytogenetic cells are not normal, then treatment failure assessment. Unfortunately, the drug imatinib, including the cost of draining the pocket. Medicine patients at a price of U.S. $ 250,000 for each position that should be eaten every day to do for years. Regularly every day drug imatinib should be to suppress the growth of the disease. If the patient is re-born disease can be lazy medicine. And long-term side effects are nausea consumption can cause imatinib resistance. Since 2003 GIPAP program, Novartis Foundation for Cooperation between Indonesia and Indonesia cancer patients who cannot afford program offers cancer drug imatinib begin happiness. In addition, there are programs NCE (Novartis Oncology entry), indicating that support the purchase of drugs patients economic potential.
Leukemia drug Still Very Expensive

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