Avoid Pregnancy Wine with Vitamin A

Avoid Pregnancy Wine with Vitamin A - Pregnant women suffering from alcohol bleeding can develop an infection, complications, and the presence of cancer. To avoid this, you should have a tough maternal vitamin.

In Indonesia, ranging from pregnancy alcohol and pregnancy 4-40. Asian and Latin American countries, and this event is still a relatively small number of events to the Common European countries is the opposite.

Typically, pregnant women, young wine and have suffered from the pregnancy is the first pregnancy. Non-pregnant women, or what is also called hydatidiform always, pregnancy, or umbilical cord cells as grape bubble growth as highly unusual.

Overall, the absence of fetal growth in pregnancy alcohol. But in some small percentage, even with alcohol can pregnant fetal development, pregnant women or alcohol partial address. In this case, the fetus is growing normally. Fetal abnormalities or birth defects.

Materials for women, which should be removed immediately, because wine is exposed to an abnormal pregnancy. Pregnant women suffering from alcohol bleeding complications, including infection can develop, and even the development of cancer. If this type of cancer such as lung and brain can spread to other organs. While cancer deaths from grapes after pregnancy, the spread of brain tumors is caused by the heart.

But it can also pregnant women who are victims of alcohol may be confiscated and later pregnancies, pregnancy naturally. Although the case does not obscure or unknown behavior Andrijono one reason that alcohol is a lack of vitamin A-LED in power (a pregnancy is based on the research,

In this research, we get results, the blood levels of vitamin (A) in pregnant women at the opening ceremony as a great teacher pregnant natural "Andrijono women with less than a wine even when in Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical School. 'S study also that the vitamin content (A) less blood, and a pregnant woman, pregnant women and 6.8-fold higher risk of suffering from grapes.

In fact, increasing to seven times the risk, the pregnancy may represent a first pregnancy. Other studies in vitamin A (vitamin A identified) in cultured cells of alcohol for pregnant women, pregnant women and that alcohol and increased cell death. Research, Physical pregnant alcohol, and therefore the provision of vitamins (A) Patients with alcohol shows that promote the recovery of the pregnancy (vitamin A may suffer) can kill the cells.

to prevent In another study, vitamin (A) on the healing process and cancer cells, excessive alcohol consumption for pregnant women is to improve the rise. Prevention is very effective because they are cheap and easy to implement.

Prevention and reduction of morbidity and accelerate recovery and reproductive function, reproductive function and reduce failure rates and reduced mortality. (Vitamin A) is not pregnant women deal with a very important role. Loyalty and nutrition, especially vitamin A, and pregnant mothers, vitamin A supplementation would be missing avoided. Mom would be to avoid in the future, there are no (vitamin A), likely to suffer from pregnancy, should help to avoid alcohol.

(Vitamin A) and also to restore the health of pregnant patients with alcohol, so you can get sick, pregnant women giving birth is highly desirable.

5 Quick Tips Overcome Oily Face

5 Quick Tips Overcome Oily Face - Sweating, even if it was not easy, but it has several advantages. A cold sweat and remove toxins from the body while cleaning the dirt and dead skin cells and excess oil pores. You only need to sweat hard with a towel clear, and if not, I will settle down in the face and full of toxins causing the pores and outbreaks.
Unfortunately, when we sweat due to hot weather, and we can see slim and pale face makeup. We take care of back and forth to try, your face in caring for the toilet to change their habits, do not touch fuss.

1st Not washing your face often
If the weather is very hot, I felt so clean in many cases the face with cold water. But this additional moisture foam and water apparently weak oil glands (sebaceous glands are called upon to work hard, wet to the skin to produce a portrait), by the. This skin effect increases as fact, and led more oil.
Keep washing your face twice a day during the course of the day on the contact with light or moisture cream complain that use Facial tissue is the best ink. It is highly recommended not only for anti-acne products, and very intense. They intend to treat acne in adolescence should never products.
These acne products are aimed at the hormone that women appear between the ages of 40 through 20 for acne completely different situation. With products that contain anti-inflammatory and anti-infection.

2nd Choose a lighter moisturizer
Imported products such as face cream for cold air on our skin is not suitable. Although the formula anti-wind nutrients more efficiently, increase when the night (skin cell renewal and collagen production can be (used for naturally happens when we sleep), but make up for the morning and lighter lotions. Artist Should Angela Levin pointed out that a handkerchief on the surface of the face after moisturizer in the morning is the object apply more moisture to be removed from the skin.

3rd With Base Primer
If you are bleaching the walls of the house before painting, as you apply a primer before the end of the base. He had soft skin and shiny. Ideal for oil, and raw materials should be free in the face of the position to absorb the additional supply and coypu not to dry skin.

4th Wear appropriate make-up
Also select key, and decide to deal for oil-free version, but with mainly drought, even if you choose a good foundation. You have oily skin products contain the oil and air conditioners to choose for the absorbent material can. Owner of a combination of sensitive skin types and contains oil-free products that can be used SPF 20 Eye Make-up-free race, eye shadow than a lot of water.

5th Onionskin
Immediately touch up your life on the edge of literacy the way oil deals, with a paper-and face. Always keep a bag for the oil produced. Currently, there is also a new face powder, light oil, with direct photo papers.

Problem Hair that caution must be taken

Problem Hair that caution must be taken - Branched hair, itching, dandruff and thin and saucer, but the poetry of the most common problems. To overcome this problem we have in the market for hair problem sold use a special shampoo. But if the problem is better, do not get the hair, you should be wary. The chances of suffering from other health problems. First, try to control your hair:

1st Skull-chips. From the layer is called, but the chips are clearer peeling scalp. These Russians are not always a symptom of a health problem. Still, the experts say that the skin still peeling President of fungi and can show the development of eczema or psoriasis. Matrix chips or regular crust or psoriasis, and ask your doctor or dermatologist to examine skin doctor know that

2nd Yellow layer. Dermatology experts usually a fatty layer, often referred to as seborrheic dermatitis and describe it as. It is an inflammatory skin disease, which occur when there may as many as skull and facial oil glands, according to the Web MD Web site. Although often hormonal status associated with fungi with seborrheic dermatitis, and even some neurological problems, and the layers, the same way with antiketombe shampoo can deal with these situations. If you go to the doctor, you can be administered anti fungal agents.

3rd Removing hair and saucer.
If this happens, you have to look back on your diet. If you can not fall nutritious food for your hair. If she is stressed, for example, we tend to eat food with your tongue. Like other parts of the body, and the hair iron, protein, zinc and vitamin requirements (a) and omega-3 fatty acids to stay strong and bright.

4th Loss. Hair loss, as already mentioned, can be caused by malnutrition. However, some drugs cause hair loss. Some antidepressants, contraceptive pills, or medication for hypertension. Make sure you ask the doctor the medications you eat when they are asked to make side effects.