Avoid Pregnancy Wine with Vitamin A

Avoid Pregnancy Wine with Vitamin A - Pregnant women suffering from alcohol bleeding can develop an infection, complications, and the presence of cancer. To avoid this, you should have a tough maternal vitamin.

In Indonesia, ranging from pregnancy alcohol and pregnancy 4-40. Asian and Latin American countries, and this event is still a relatively small number of events to the Common European countries is the opposite.

Typically, pregnant women, young wine and have suffered from the pregnancy is the first pregnancy. Non-pregnant women, or what is also called hydatidiform always, pregnancy, or umbilical cord cells as grape bubble growth as highly unusual.

Overall, the absence of fetal growth in pregnancy alcohol. But in some small percentage, even with alcohol can pregnant fetal development, pregnant women or alcohol partial address. In this case, the fetus is growing normally. Fetal abnormalities or birth defects.

Materials for women, which should be removed immediately, because wine is exposed to an abnormal pregnancy. Pregnant women suffering from alcohol bleeding complications, including infection can develop, and even the development of cancer. If this type of cancer such as lung and brain can spread to other organs. While cancer deaths from grapes after pregnancy, the spread of brain tumors is caused by the heart.

But it can also pregnant women who are victims of alcohol may be confiscated and later pregnancies, pregnancy naturally. Although the case does not obscure or unknown behavior Andrijono one reason that alcohol is a lack of vitamin A-LED in power (a pregnancy is based on the research,

In this research, we get results, the blood levels of vitamin (A) in pregnant women at the opening ceremony as a great teacher pregnant natural "Andrijono women with less than a wine even when in Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical School. 'S study also that the vitamin content (A) less blood, and a pregnant woman, pregnant women and 6.8-fold higher risk of suffering from grapes.

In fact, increasing to seven times the risk, the pregnancy may represent a first pregnancy. Other studies in vitamin A (vitamin A identified) in cultured cells of alcohol for pregnant women, pregnant women and that alcohol and increased cell death. Research, Physical pregnant alcohol, and therefore the provision of vitamins (A) Patients with alcohol shows that promote the recovery of the pregnancy (vitamin A may suffer) can kill the cells.

to prevent In another study, vitamin (A) on the healing process and cancer cells, excessive alcohol consumption for pregnant women is to improve the rise. Prevention is very effective because they are cheap and easy to implement.

Prevention and reduction of morbidity and accelerate recovery and reproductive function, reproductive function and reduce failure rates and reduced mortality. (Vitamin A) is not pregnant women deal with a very important role. Loyalty and nutrition, especially vitamin A, and pregnant mothers, vitamin A supplementation would be missing avoided. Mom would be to avoid in the future, there are no (vitamin A), likely to suffer from pregnancy, should help to avoid alcohol.

(Vitamin A) and also to restore the health of pregnant patients with alcohol, so you can get sick, pregnant women giving birth is highly desirable.

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