Chocolate Antioxidants Create Free Skin Wrinkles

Chocolate is not only delicious but also those who consume one million performances. So I think some women eat chocolate better than sex. Why do you think?
Generated by the largest producer of cocoa in the world of work, and that antioxidants are thought to include better management of health. Studies show that consumption will continue from 20 grams of chocolate per day, the skin wrinkles to the problem and makes the skin more radiant with increased elasticity.
How do you imagine as a happy time with chocolate, fold only two or three times a day, can slow the aging process, smooth and free of lines and wrinkles of the skin can fight. The company has developed, chocolate, Barry Callebaut, protein bars like candy (bar creates a form) to be protected to the antioxidants of chocolate called Flavored. Although found in cocoa, are usually flavors during the process of making chocolate destroyed. Flavorless function alone can not stop the harmful free radicals called radicals. As is known, free radicals, pollution, smoke, produced by the activities and caffeine, that a number of diseases including aging quickly as possible.
"Chocolate and health does not seem right for each other, but one proposal is very interesting because I like anything to eat what I can, and it works for my biscuits. ACTICOA Fines can be purchased in different configurations including ACTICOA Choxi lovers and PRESTAT "Thorntons dark, Hans Vriens, Barry Callebaut said Berry Antioxidants boost and seafood Giuliani Extra.
However, all ACTICOA the ability to keep your skin look younger age. There is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Professor Richard Hurrell is another view from an expert in nutrition.
He said: "Coco flavorless has a positive effect on blood circulation and blood pressure, which can have a positive effect on reducing heart disease, and is a testament to the skin and the possible impact on cognitive performance, but with less frequent and blood flow to memory, or may, in some studies the influence will also increase to improve skin health, "he said.

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